On Gurgaon rape!

I am stark raving mad here! Have been reading about the Gurgaon rape case for the last 2 days. I

The act of rape is a violation of a person ……..its not about sex its about violation and abject disregard of a person! You just pick up a woman and take turns at violating her body, her mind and her soul. The woman, the person ceases to exist! What you have is a body to be defiled!

What I am really keen on knowing is what these bastards think when they go about raping women! What goes on in the mind of a rapist? The motive cannot be sexual gratification. Sex is available freely or for a price! Is it power? Or is it the need to destroy – an arbit need to just humiliate? And not just the rapists, the authorities are equal parties to this crime against women. In the Gurgaon incident, the police could have very well prevented the woman getting gang-raped! They could have moved their sorry asses and could have apprehended the miscreants before the act! But they just did not bother! The police, the government, the media etc time and again have exhibited complete apathy toward rape victims. The victim is blamed for her plight. Her profession, the way she dresses, the alcohol she imbibes or the people she associates with are to be blamed. Not the poor rapist! The poor fellow, he was just there! The whole attitude sucks!